Programs & Activities


HCA’s 2016-2017 activities and highlights include:

  • Hosted monthly membership meetings with highly informative and action oriented agendas around issues and topics of interest.
  • Learned about and issued key endorsements including:
    –  Library Facilities Ballot Measure
    –  Master Plan for Early Care and Education 
    –  Youth Violence Prevention Plan (Conditional endorsement)
    –  Transportation Improvement Tax Plan
  • Member agencies advocated for and helped to coordinate the passing of the Transportation Improvement Tax Plan which resulted in a significant gain in funding to support the transportation needs of seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Conducted a nonprofit wage equity study, issued a report and presented findings to all five jurisdictions to create awareness around the severity of this issue.
  • Conducted a Santa Cruz City Council candidate survey and issued a report leading up to the November 2016 elections.
  • Hosted open meeting and kicked off Standing Together”; an advocacy capacity building project to strengthen our individual agency and collective capacity to engage in effective grassroots advocacy under new administration.
  • Engaged with the County of Santa Cruz and the City of Santa Cruz in the shift to the new CORE Investments Collective Impact funding model and advocated for an increased investment in funding for community programs. Community and HCA advocacy efforts resulted in an increased investment in the base funding for the next three years and in the “set aside” and one-time funds at both the County and the City of Santa Cruz for FY 2017-2018.

2017-2018 GOALS 

HCA’S goals for 2017-2018 include:

  • Continue to advocate on issues aligned with HCA’s mission and policy agenda.
  • Continue to develop Standing Together; a comprehensive project that seeks to:
    1) Build nonprofit advocacy capacity,
    2) Create a structure to support the effective coordination of grassroots efforts across our sector.
  • Continue to build and strengthen our local nonprofit alliance. Our goal is to increase our membership and member engagement so that we can speak with one strong and unified voice on behalf of the sector on issues that impact all nonprofits and those we serve. 
  • Secure resources and funding to strengthen the alliance infrastructure, support the implementation of the Standing Together project and enhance member services.
  • Explore the next stage of HCA’s Nonprofit Wage and Benefit Equity Campaign. 

Click on the link to download a copy

     • Safe and Strong Neighborhoods 2015
     • Health Equity 2015
     • Economic and Social Justice 2015     
     • HCA Nonprofit Wage Wage Equity Campaign Report 1 – May 2016 
Santa Cruz City Council Candidate Survey Report – October 2016

     • HCA Open Meeting Invitation 2.8.17